Brand Consulting

Secured +1.3 Million YouTube views for Jil Dever’s designs in Patoranking’s music video.
Styling by Alexander-Julian Gibbson.

“Mary Anderson excels at delivering the highest quality results. I had the pleasure of working with Mary for three years at Jil Dever, collaborating on branding, increasing our editorial coverage and the planning and production of seasonal shoots. Mary’s ability securing brand placements in high-end publications made a dramatic impact on our exposure and growing success. Mary created lasting partnerships for us with influencers and coordinated profitable photo shoots for seasonal lines. I rarely come across talents who stand out like Mary” — Jil Dever

Photography and Styling by Mary Anderson

Blogging for Jil Dever Luxury Scarves

Holiday Fashion

Slow Fashion

NYFW Street Style

Black Hair + Bows