Newshouse Article about Syracuse U. Cultural Fashion Show

Fog machines. Dancing. Spotlights.

Probably one of the best student-led fashion shows I’ve ever been to.

Check out my article about an awesome, Haitian + African student-led show for the Syracuse University-based news outlet, The Newshouse!

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I am not a big color person. I wear a lot of black and I make no apologies for it. But the Chanel Spring 2015 Couture collection may have changed my mind.


Chanel’s suits were simple and unfussy, by offering a no- nonsense way of life to the Couture crowd. The suit as the staple piece was a fresh reminder for the audience that sometimes less is more. Karl offered every type of skirt suit silhouette, from A-line to pencil to above the knee-giving each lady who lunches endless options. Personally I loved the array of colors the suits were offered in, because it connected to the soft evening dresses with whimsical flowers jumping off the fabrics. From mint to pink to canary yellow, Karl kept it simple and clean to prevent the collection from resembling a Crayola box.

Karl is always one to keep his looks modern, offering some crop top variations (however, if you’re not comfortable with that, I’d suggest to put a tank underneath and leave the jacket open). The opening orange suit looked soft and comfy-who knew couture suits could be today’s new relaxed wear? Okay, Karl probably knew.


Although I always believe black can never be boring, it certainly wasn’t this season. Lots of translucent, peek-a-boo fabrics kept the looks dynamic, rather than swallowing the models. The beginning gowns and dresses looked as if the models were standing in a large garden in which the foliage had started to grow on the looks (imagine how breathtaking it would be if they all stood together). I really, really liked the later looks, specifically a gray jacket with futuristic, geometric flowers-was Karl talking about genetically modified flora?

THE DRESSES: Karl is never so straight-forward, therefore this collection was a bit of a shock for me-but in a good way. The collection Flowers embellished on pockets resembled girls carrying full bouquets. I know the pink dress with a column of embellishment will be all over the red carpet-it’s can flatter a variety of figures and it’s metallic edge is quite attention-grabbing.


Hats: The wide-brimmed hats wrapped in black tulle rounded out the looks and reminded us of a forgotten age. Whether Karl was referencing 1899 or 2099, I thought it was a hit and brought a softness to the suits without sacrificing the whole look (brave move Chanel).

Masks: I loved the lace fabric covering the eyes that adds a sense of mystery. Karl’s done masks like that in past seasons, but I really like it this time since it ties well in with the abundance of fabric.

Beanies, gloves, and boots: The beanies seemed a little distracting, and more 2001 rather than 2015. The patent toes on the shoes were a fun accent, and I really liked the fact that the shoes were functional and flat, but I could’ve done without the square toes.

Continuing the translucent fabric to the gloves connected them to the lightness of the looks. Karl loves adding gloves to his designs for Chanel. To prevent himself from looking repetitive, he gave them a fresh update by adding the flowers in a fun way.




The Chevron Houston Marathon 2015- A Runner’s Perspective

by Daniel Millar 


I actually did most of my training abroad! I started seriously training back in September when my semester in Madrid, Spain started. And I was lucky enough to live just 10 minutes away from a neighborhood park while I was there, so I got into the routine of running each night after classes ended. Which was really cool, because I got to experience the three seasons pretty intimately while I was there. You can actually look up pictures of the park on Google. It’s pretty beautiful. It’s called Retiro Park in Madrid Spain. Watching the leaves change each day was probably one of my favorite things about my time in Madrid. So I decided to sign up last April after having just turned 20 – also thought it would be a good way to start my 20s off right.

Anyways, back to the running stuff. So my training plan built up to a long 20 mile run after my semester ended when I returned back to the States. I actually ran two days after Christmas in San Antonio, which in hindsight, wasn’t that great of an idea considering Christmas time for my family means binge eating for about a week straight while digesting it all during our Netflix marathons. But alas, I managed to survive what was at the time the longest run I had ever done in my life.


And then in the past couple of weeks up through the end of my first week back at Rice meant turning it down a notch, carb loading, and resting up until race day. So I can’t really say that my Syllabus Week this time around was all too exciting considering I was in hibernation mode all week. But it definitely was all worth it, because being able to say I successfully ran a full marathon is one of the biggest accomplishments of my life.

As much as it was a physical challenge (and this next week of limping will attest to that), I would say running a marathon is a test of one’s mental strength. And I’m not saying I’m the strongest willed person, but I can say that did gain a lot of self-respect along the way.

Daniel’s running gear 1 day before the Marathon

Like during the marathon, there were SO MANY times where I really just wanted to stop, and I tried to come up with excuses to justify why that would be a good idea. But just knowing that my friends and family were out there supporting me (even if it meant just seeing them for like a split second of the race) gave me huge inspiration to just keep going. Which I know is cheesy, but it’s the truth.

Woohoo! Marathon Complete.

And it’s funny, because people keep asking me when the next one is gonna be, and right now that’s the last thing on my mind. But I can say that running will continue to be a huge part of my life – a lot because I think running reflects the challenges that life offers. Life’s like a marathon. It’ll give you a million reasons to wanna stop or focus on what’s going wrong in that moment. But it’s taught me that really anything is possible if you take it one step at a time.


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